On the KBAK-KBFX morning show in Bakerfield, California, anchor Leyla Santiago was about to interview legendary calypso singer Harry Belafonte but found that he had fallen asleep, leaving her to nervously ask him to wake up repeatedly. Her attempts were unsuccessful and the anchors had to talk amongst themselves to fill the time the interview was supposed to have taken.

“Hey, good morning Harry!” Santiago said to silence as Belafonte rested unresponsive with his eyes closed and motionless.

“Harry, wake up! Harry?” Santiago exclaimed. “Wake up, wake up! This is your wake-up call! Okay, I’ll tell you what, he’s meditating. He’s taking a little nap.”

“Daylight hasn’t come yet,” joked an off-camera anchor. “DAY-O!” responded Santiago.

BreitbartTV: To be fair, Mr. Belafonte has had a very rigorous schedule recently what with hopping from interview to interview and calling Herman Cain a “false negro.” We hope Mr. Belafonte rests up. We’re going to need to hear more from him about how racist conservatives are and how America needs to move toward a socialist economy. Without a well-rested Harry Belafonte, who will go down to Venezuela to embrace dictator Hugo Chavez or call president George W. Bush a “terrorist”?