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Who is hanging these suicidal teddy bears around LA?

If you live in one of the hipsterer parts of LA (Echo Park, Eagle Rock, Silverlake, Hollywood on a good day) you’ve noticed these mysterious, suicidal? teddy bears hanging from telephone wires.

you said you’d play with me forever

Like the misplaced toys of some enormously tall child or an MLB pitcher’s offspring, Winnie-the-Pooh lookalike teddy bears with pink facemasks (chic!) are popping up through the neighborhood.

But just who would do this…and frankly…why?

Enter Leyla Safai, food truck queen (yup, that pink HeartsChallenger ice cream truck is hers) and half of HeartsRevolution, a JPop-inspired band.

According to the band’s facebook:

This is what you do when you have too much free time on your hands.

Damn hipsters.

It’s unknown what the project is promoting, but probably something viral (doesn’t that mean HIV is a really aggressive form of viral marketing?)

Share & comment if you’ve seen these. Who knows, they may have cameras and can be silently watching and recording us all (ESPECIALLY our bad car singing…)


Hoax: Ja Rule Did NOT Leave His Wife For My Male Prison Cellmate

A parody blog called Cream Bmp Daily wrote that the rapper’s wife Aisha Atkins told MTV her husband was dating his male prison mate, and some sloppy blogs picked up the fake story as an actual report.

But Ja Rule quickly took to Twitter to debunk the bogus story.

He tweeted, ”Ok I guess I have to address the idiots these rumors are FALSE LIES made up by some non mf factor website CLOWNS lmao…”

The performer then posted a photo of himself and Atkins flipping off the camera while kissing (see below), along with the message, “Sorry to disappoint all the haters who want the rumors to be true so bad lol. Merry Xmas stupid love Mick&Mal. Lmao.”

Ja Rule was released from jail in May after serving two sentences for illegal gun possession and tax evasion.

Does James Franco deserve an Oscar for Methhead portrayal in Spring Breakers?

Rebecca Keegan of the LA Times is not amused:

Now Franco, who was also nominated for an Oscar that year for his performance in “127 Hours,” is giving academy members another reason to shake their heads — an irreverent awards campaign for his raunchy arthouse hit “Spring Breakers.”

In a bid to secure a supporting actor nomination for Franco’s role as Alien, the movie’s clownish rapper/drug dealer, distributor A24 is asking Oscar voters to “Consider this …” in a new ad containing an expletive.

The ad, which will appear in the Hollywood trade publications, features Franco in character, clutching two Oscar statuettes and flanked by bikini-clad actresses Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson. In coming months, A24 will release other ads in the cheeky tone of the movie, according to spokeswoman Nicolette Aizenberg.

“We all believe strongly in the performance,” Aizenberg said. “He created something that is part of the Zeitgeist.”

How Avatar Affected 3D Movies

The 2009 highest-grossing-ever film owed much of its success to its revolutionary use of the 3D format.

This chart, made by an unnamed movie researcher, shows the number of 3D movies released per year from 2005 to 2014:

How will Avatar 2 affect the competition? James Cameron says he’s aiming for an improved 3D viewing experience on Avatar 2.

But Avatar represented a breakthrough for the technology and advertisers took the newfound awareness of 3D and ran with it, not just for movie promotions, but for any campaign that could get approval by a brand’s decision-makers.

Then much of that activity ceased, perhaps in response to the ongoing economic downturn, or perhaps in response to copycat 3D movies that followed Avatar. They gave the technology a bad name by cut-and-pasting a few 3D elements atop of a movie already in production and then sticking movie-goers with a bigger ticket price.

Slogging On

Maybe the next series of Avatar movies will give 3D the push it needs into mainstream ad technology. Cameron has said he is working on improving the technology for the next film. Also, when the first Avatar was released, smartphones were still in minority of cell phone-carrying users and consumer incomes were not disposable enough to buy the very expensive 3D television sets that were starting to come to market. Those trends may well be in full sail by the time the next Avatar movies come out.

Troll convinces Internet & News Outlets that she is a One Direction fan who killed her dog because band didn’t follow her on Twitter

This image of unknown origin appeared online and was picked up by a variety of news outlets reporting on what appears to be the carrying out of a threat during an attempt at seeking attention from the British pop band and/or the girls twitter followers:

The @illumivato account has since been suspended.

The girl’s real name and location have not been revealed. One Direction has not commented on the story, which went viral in the past 24 hours. Indeed there is no evidence at this point that this was anything but an attention grab with the use of dark humor.

UPDATE: The incident has been confirmed to have been a joke. While news outlets are updating their reports calling it a “hoax”, evidence instead supports that the tweets were not intended to be anything other than examples of “trolling” (doing something shocking, unserious by the author, with the intent that others will take it seriously and react emotionally) and indeed the author has used the same term to describe this incident:

Retrieved tweets from the account also show similar threats were sent to Lady Gaga and Barack Obama.

Other images from the same troller:

The Return of Micky Mouse

Pamela Anderson frolicking with ex-husband in Hawaiian waves

Anderson and Rick Salomon were married in Las Vegas in October 2007 and anulled the union in March 2008 but the two were seen having fun in the ocean in Hawaii in early August 2013 following reports of a rekindled romance. Anderson is 46 years old and has been married two other times, once to musician Tommy Lee for three years and rocker Kid Rock for just four months.

Pictures via Splash News & the Daily Mail.

Is Taylor Swift a regular poster on 4Chan?

This image claims to have uncovered the connection.

Check out this Jurassic Park stars current art career

Did you know that the blonde girl from Jurassic Park is now an artist?

A post on Reddit says she “is a family friend of ours and painted this portrait of me. She is a spectacular person!

The painting was made from this photograph:

A commenter “fixed” the image with the following version:

This spawned the following exchange:

See more of her artwork at

What is next for Helen Flanagan?

The former Corrie actress has signed up to star in the new series of Celebrity Wedding Planners on Channel 5 – teaming up with fellow I’m A Celebrity contestant Hugo Taylor.

Helen and the Made In Chelsea star will attempt to create the perfect wedding day for the oblivious bride and groom. (via the DailyMail)