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Glenn Beck corrects Rachel Maddow on his “conspiracy theorist” beliefs

“I don’t believe any of those things,” Glenn responded.

Maddow went to great lengths to link Glenn to Alex Jones. Granted, not far enough to actually link him to Alex Jones. In fact, not only does Glenn not believe any of the things Maddow mentioned in her cute little rant, he’s gone out of his way to disprove them.

“We have debunked all of those things,” Glenn said. “I’ve never been called a conspiracy theorist in my life. I’ve had death threats because I’ve debunked the [9/11 theories].”

Not until this president took office anyway.

“In her effort to come up with one thing that you’re a conspiracy theorist on, she came up with none!” Stu added. “All of the example were all things that you didn’t believe and have been on the air saying you don’t believe for for years. What does that say about their case? And what does that say about your case when say that media is painting you a certain way? She can’t come up with one damn thing!”

Glenn agreed, “to put us into this group is so ridiculous.”

VIDEO: Megyn Kelly interviews husband on Fox News

“I said, ‘Honey, when I read this book, do you want the truth or do you want me to make you feel good?’ And he said, ‘I want the truth,’ and I read it and said, ‘The truth is it’s awesome!’”

The Overlap of Big Business and Government

In political science this is referred to as the Revolving Door

To read the diagram, start with the names in the middle. To the left is the job they had in government. To the right is the job they had in big business…

Reaction from commenters on image hosting website

Republicans are portrayed in the media as the “pro-big business party,” yet there are 103 Democrats and only 5 Republicans up there.

Oh look, it’s an ACTUAL list of the 1% and what’s the most popular comment? “TL;DR”. So fucking typical. No wonder OWS didn’t achieve shit.

Anderson Cooper takes apart Ed Shultz

MSNBC’s Ed Schultz last week actually suggested that CNN’s Anderson Cooper might have had something to do with him being named to GQ’s “The 25 Least Influential People Alive” list.

On Friday’s Anderson Cooper 360, the host nicely put the pathetic Schultz in his proper place – The RidicuList (video follows with transcript and absolutely no additional commentary necessary):

ANDERSON COOPER: Time now for “The RidicuList.” And tonight I’m sorry, but I’ve got to do it. Tonight, I’ve got to add a guy named Ed Schultz.

Now, before we begin, let me just say a few things. I think cable news feuds are stupid, and I think when TV anchors try to start feuds with other TV anchors, it’s usually a sign they’re worried about their own ratings and they’re trying everything they possibly can to get attention and boost said ratings.

So I wasn’t really surprised to hear that this guy Ed Schultz decided to suddenly take a shot at me the other day. Now, let me be honest. I don’t really know who Ed Schultz is. I think I met him once in passing years ago, but I have never actually seen his show. I’m told he yells a lot, and I know he works at MSNBC. And I know he’s moved around a lot in various time slots. That is it.

OK, also, in writing this today, I also found out that he makes a lot of inappropriate comments about other people that he then has to apologize for and/or get suspended for, like this one from his radio show.


ED SCHULTZ, MSNBC: Do you know what they’re talking about, like this right-wing slut, what’s her name, Laura Ingraham? Yes she’s a talk slut.


COOPER: Nice, yes.

So anyway, “GQ” magazine has apparently written a satirical list of the 25 least influential people alive, and Mr. Schultz made the list. “GQ” writes about him, in part, quote, “Do you watch ‘The Ed Show’ on MSNBC? Of course you don’t. No one does. The only reason people watch ‘The Ed Show’ is they’re working out in a hotel gym, and they can’t find a staff member to change the channel to ESPN.”

All right. Pretty snappy writing. Someone wrote that about me, I’d chuckle. I’d go back to watching “Breaking Bad” on Netflix. But that’s just me. Why anyone, anyone would care what someone says about them in a humor column in “GQ,” I cannot even begin to understand. But apparently, Mr. Schultz has a pretty thin skin for someone who goes around calling people sluts, because he thinks his inclusion on the list has to be some kind of conspiracy, a conspiracy between “GQ” and me.

The other day on his radio show he said this.


SCHULTZ: I know that Anderson Cooper floats around in that “GQ” crowd. I don’t know if he’s behind it or whether there are publicists at CNN. But let me just say, I’m kicking his ass.


COOPER: What? Here I am just living my life, doing my thing, and this person I don’t even know says this.

Now as for the kicking my ass part, I’m assuming he’s talking about ratings. And his statement on that can be easily debated. I’m going to spare you the minutia of ratings statistics with their demos and the households and the total viewers and what advertisement paid for. Trust me: nothing will make your eyes glaze over faster.

But I do take issue with the contention that I, quote, “float around in the ‘GQ’ crowd.” Frankly, I don’t know where the “GQ” crowd is. As for the idea that I somehow influence their editorial decisions on satirical end-of-the-year lists, well, that’s just silly. I mean, everyone knows I’m far too busy campaigning to get Gary Tuchman named next year’s sexiest man alive in “People” magazine. And you think that “Golf Digest” Best Putters of 2011 article is just going to write itself? I mean, the point is, my schedule is full.

Just for reference, let’s take a look at some of the other people who made “GQ’s” 25 least influential list. There’s Paul Reiser, Princess Beatrice, that guy who predicted the Rapture was going to happen this year, and Tila Tequila.

Now, I wasn’t going to say anything about Mr. Schultz’s odd outburst about me, because this is probably exactly the kind of thing that Ed Schultz lives for. But when you have less of a sense of humor than the end-of-the-world guy and show less logic and restraint than Tila Tequila, you just leave us no choice but to welcome both you and your ass kicking to “The RidicuList.”

Herman Cain Smoke Ad

The unique ad above is creating a lot of creation among political observers.

In the video, posted this week on You Tube, Cain’s top aide Mark Block, in close up, says the candidate “will put the united back in United States. … We’ve run a campaign like nobody’s ever seen. But then, America’s never seen a candidate like Herman Cain.”

The kicker: Block takes a long thoughtful pull on a cigarette and blows smoke into the lens.
No one but villains has smoked onscreen for decades, so Block’s drag quickly became the puff of legend. The video was picked up by political news shows and blogs and parodied on Comedy Central’s Colbert Report. It scored more than 870,000 views on Cain’s YouTube channel.

It was also awarded a slot on several lists of the wackiest political ads ever. Democratic consultant James Carville, echoing a pundit consensus that the ad made little sense, concluded Block was “drunk or stoned,” he said Thursday on ABC’s Good Morning America.

Fox News has reactions:

David Letterman reacts:

Jimmy Kimmel reacts:

Jon Huntsman Parodies:

(or more specifically: Jon Huntsman’s 3 daughters are the ones doing the parodying)

SlateTV Parodies:

Video Blog Analysis from HowtheWorldWorks:

The Washington Post asks what the point was? Answer: There isn’t one.

“There was no subliminal message,” he told Kelly. “In fact, I personally would encourage people not to smoke. It’s just that I’m a smoker and a lot of people on the staff said, ‘Just let Block be Block.’ That’s what it’s all about.”

Well, that may be the least plausible interpretation of all. After all, much of the perplexity stems from Block’s obscurity. Who is this guy, anyway, and what does he do? Since no one has ever won an election based on his chief of staff’s personality, letting ”Block be Block” hardly seems like a winning communications strategy for Herman Cain.

More plausible is that Block’s smoking telegraphs defiance and independence. Smoking has been de-glamorized and marginalized for decades, and it has been killing people for even longer. But that hasn’t stopped 46 million U.S. adults from doing it, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. As Block said later in his Fox News interview, “You walk into a veterans’ bar in Iowa and they’re sitting around smoking. I’m not the only one in America who smokes, for God’s sake.”

In other words, Block, and by extension Cain, may be keeping it real for both nicotine slaves and those who don’t like to see them pushed around.

Cain talked about the ad on the radio (starting at 7 minutes):

Bob Shiefer asked Cain what the point was and added that he himself, a cancer survivor was not amused (editors note: Shieffer calls it a “television ad” but this was not run on tv and was never intended to. it is a web only ad).

Mashable reports on Rainn Wilson Tweet Payola. Doesn’t understand that it was a joke

The joke was obvious to most but not writer Charlie White who headlined a post “Rainn Wilson Caught in $12K Tweet For Pay? [VIRAL EMBARRASSMENT]. “

Does actor and comedian Rainn Wilson really love fast food eatery Del Taco? Take a look at this trio of tweets Wilson sent, and tell us if you think he really does believe that the Del Taco Macho Bellgrande Burrito is actually as “Beeftacular™” as he tweets.

Just before Wilson, a star of TV series The Officetweeted his endorsement of the oversized folded-up meat pies, he instructed his assistant to tell the company he would accept $12,000 for what appears to be a paid plug on Twitter.

Apparently realizing he confused a direct message with a tweet, 4 minutes later he tweets, “Please disregard last tweet – was a private text to my assistant.”

Private, indeed. Present company excluded, maybe the old adage “believe nothing of what you read and only half of what you see” would be applicable in this case. What do you think? Did Wilson make a huge mistake, or is this a publicity stunt for Del Taco?

White clearly missed the gag, but if you visit the page now, you’ll find the headline has been changed to “Rain Wilson Satirizes Paid Tweets”.

The error was revised a few hours after posting and the top of the post now contains a notation of the correction, saying:

Editor’s Note: Our original headline suggested Rainn Wilson may have accepted money for a tweet. That is not the case. The series of tweets were intended as satire. We apologize for the error.

Further, the url of the post was changed from:


The posts author responded to a comment pointing out that Wilson was joking, while others voiced uncertainty:



Harry Belafonte falls asleep during live interview

On the KBAK-KBFX morning show in Bakerfield, California, anchor Leyla Santiago was about to interview legendary calypso singer Harry Belafonte but found that he had fallen asleep, leaving her to nervously ask him to wake up repeatedly. Her attempts were unsuccessful and the anchors had to talk amongst themselves to fill the time the interview was supposed to have taken.

“Hey, good morning Harry!” Santiago said to silence as Belafonte rested unresponsive with his eyes closed and motionless.

“Harry, wake up! Harry?” Santiago exclaimed. “Wake up, wake up! This is your wake-up call! Okay, I’ll tell you what, he’s meditating. He’s taking a little nap.”

“Daylight hasn’t come yet,” joked an off-camera anchor. “DAY-O!” responded Santiago.

BreitbartTV: To be fair, Mr. Belafonte has had a very rigorous schedule recently what with hopping from interview to interview and calling Herman Cain a “false negro.” We hope Mr. Belafonte rests up. We’re going to need to hear more from him about how racist conservatives are and how America needs to move toward a socialist economy. Without a well-rested Harry Belafonte, who will go down to Venezuela to embrace dictator Hugo Chavez or call president George W. Bush a “terrorist”?

Howard Stern and Jay Mohr’s react to ESPN Firing Hank Williams Jr: He Sucks

Jay Mohr on ESPN firing Hank Williams Jr. over comments about the president, and thoughts on parenting his two children. On the Hank Williams Jr controversy, Mohr expressed sock at host Don Imus calling Williams a friend. “His FATHER thinks he sucks”, Mohr said. “Hank William Senior – every Halloween he comes out of his grave and says ‘stop. singing’”, Mohr “You’re gonna look me in the eye and say Hank Williams Jr isn’t horrible?”.

Howard Stern had similar comments:

Somewhat Related:

Weiner Headlines and Front Pages


















Gov. Christie Gets a Standing Ovation from liberal MSNBC host for Muslim Judge Defense

O’Donnell noted that Gov. Christie would likely never be president. “He won’t get it this time, of course, because he’s not running.” He won’t get it next time, he argued, because his attitude was too “New Jersey”– meaning abrasive and curt (but, we Jersey folk assume, in a good way, right?) He then showed a clip of him telling a constituent that where he sends his kids to school is “none of your business.” “That’s just a little too much New Jersey for polite Republican primary voters,” or, he added, “really anywhere outside of New Jersey.”

But the “New Jersey” attitude wasn’t the only nail in Christie’s political coffin. To O’Donnell, Gov. Christie’s statements calling fear of American-imposed Sharia Law “crazy” was just “way, way, way too reasonable in his defense of a Muslim judge he appointed.” “Being reasonable about just about anything,” he argued, “is the road to nowhere in Republican primaries.” Since “we know the guy cares about his political viability in the Republican party,” O’Donnell fully expected his answer to include at least one caveat to his opinion to keep him in the clear. It did not. The governor even admitted that some Muslim Americans were inappropriately detained after September 11th, something that, according to O’Donnell, “no Republican wants to admit ever happened.”

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