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Caught on Cam: Man eggs church over same-sex rule

Police are calling the vandalism ‘biased-motivated’ as the incidents coincide with meaningful dates in Minnesota’s same-sex marriage movement.

Self-Driving Google Car allegedly cuts off Matt Drudge

“Robot jerk cut me off… Chased it into parking lot.” Tweeted the internet news editor.

VIDEO: George Zimmerman walks police through his claims from deadly confrontation with Trayvon Martin

Below is a Sanford police video from February 27th, 2012 in which George Zimmerman voluntarily reenacted the events of the previous night. Zimmerman’s story has been consistent since the night the shooting happened. The video is 15 minutes long, though a longer version is available here.

VIDEO: Man found guilty commits suicide in courtroom

Convicted of statutory sodomy, death sounded like a better alternative… Steve Parsons was standing trial last week charged with the sexual assault of a 14-year-old girl. When the jury came back with a guilty verdict, authorities say White made a shocking decision with a room full of witnesses. After a three-day trial and less than […]

VIDEO: Fox slams MSNBC’s protest coverage, Sandra Fluke auctions herself & Romney face tattoo to be removed

Watch the latest video at 3 items in the segment: MSNBC’s choice in protest video coverage Sandra Fluke auction. Flip-flop for man with Romney-Ryan tattoo: Pro wrestler having face art removed