A man at the Republican headquarters for Virginia Governor candidate Ken Cuccinelli climbed up on stage and started yelling to the crowd on election night shortly after the numbers showed that Democrat Terry McAuliffe would eek out a 1% victory, though the nature of his protest was not audible by our sources. The man was gently pushed by several security officers all of which he ignored, even one one lightly tapped his cheek in a “wake up, buddy” fashion as he tried to get his attention in ushering him out of the room.

The man never made eye contact or acknowledged the men attempted to talk him down and kept yelling to the crowd which largely ignored him except to take pictures and video. Our source was too far back to hear what he was saying, though as he finally allowed Security to walk him away, he started yelling a “What do we want!? / When do we want it!?” chant, again the contents of which were not audible.