Rebecca Keegan of the LA Times is not amused:

Now Franco, who was also nominated for an Oscar that year for his performance in “127 Hours,” is giving academy members another reason to shake their heads — an irreverent awards campaign for his raunchy arthouse hit “Spring Breakers.”

In a bid to secure a supporting actor nomination for Franco’s role as Alien, the movie’s clownish rapper/drug dealer, distributor A24 is asking Oscar voters to “Consider this …” in a new ad containing an expletive.

The ad, which will appear in the Hollywood trade publications, features Franco in character, clutching two Oscar statuettes and flanked by bikini-clad actresses Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson. In coming months, A24 will release other ads in the cheeky tone of the movie, according to spokeswoman Nicolette Aizenberg.

“We all believe strongly in the performance,” Aizenberg said. “He created something that is part of the Zeitgeist.”