The victim of the theft posted the picture with the following explanation:

We have lived in our home for 6 years now and over the last year and a half we noticed that we have had missing mail and packages. Our front door stoop is not visible unless you walk up to the doo r because its view is blocked by a hedge. A couple weeks before I bought the camera we had a couple of missing packages that had delivery confirmation. I asked Reddit and other forums about it but it did not generate any thing. So I decided to explore cheap surveillance options, the cameras used by hunters were the perfect fit. It takes five photos every time its motion activated.

We were leaving town for the weekend just before Christmas and it was possible that some packages would be delivered. So I set up the camera in an oak tree in direct view of my front door. I set up a decoy package (Fedex box with packing material and a Ziplock bag of “used kitty litter”), just in case there weren’t any packages received so I could at least maybe find out who is doing this. When we returned from the weekend trip the packages were gone, I checked the camera and it was still there. I removed the SD card and was able to view exactly when the packages were delivered (which matched Fedex tracking info , good for police reports), and saw the theft. It happened just before 9:30pm she took the too actual FedEx packages, and then later took the decoy a 2am. I was 90% sure it was the girl that lived just down the street. So I called the Sheriff explained the situation and gave the deputy the digital photos. In about an hour two other sheriff deputies arrived at the girls house (I asked why it took three deputies for a minor issue, they said it was due to previous calls to that house). She is 16, she denied at first and then admitted to it after she was told there were photos (although she never saw them). They had her go through the trash and take out the boxes with our address and one of the items, two art prints, apparently she did not like our taste in art. The other item she took that night was also recovered it was jewelry box she had it wrapped and under the tree for her mom. Without any other evidence were not able to recover anything else (assuming that she may have taken other items). We were given the choice to let it go, prosecute, or defer. We diced to defer which allows her to keep her record clean as long as she follows the conditions like good grades, no other issues, community service etc.