From the NY Daily News:

Patrick Gallagher, of Lansdale, Pa., sued the Penthouse Club for $50,000 after one of its dancers ruptured his bladder with a shattering slide down a stripper pole, the suit charged.

The catastrophic collision reportedly occurred during Gallagher’s November 2010 bachelor party in northeast Philadelphia— although the suit was only filed Sept. 28.

The unidentified dancer “negligently and carelessly slammed her body against plaintiff with such force as to cause significant injuries,” the suit alleged.

Gallagher’s friends went all out for the bash, purchasing the “bachelor’s package” — with a special performance from one stripper.

Gallagher was lying flat on the stage when the dancer crash-landed on his abdomen, the lawsuit said. The groom-to-be needed surgery the next day, and reportedly suffered nerve damage in his back and hip.

The bizarre bladder mishap and subsequent suit left everybody involved with their lips tightly zipped.