This image of unknown origin appeared online and was picked up by a variety of news outlets reporting on what appears to be the carrying out of a threat during an attempt at seeking attention from the British pop band and/or the girls twitter followers:

The @illumivato account has since been suspended.

The girl’s real name and location have not been revealed. One Direction has not commented on the story, which went viral in the past 24 hours. Indeed there is no evidence at this point that this was anything but an attention grab with the use of dark humor.

UPDATE: The incident has been confirmed to have been a joke. While news outlets are updating their reports calling it a “hoax”, evidence instead supports that the tweets were not intended to be anything other than examples of “trolling” (doing something shocking, unserious by the author, with the intent that others will take it seriously and react emotionally) and indeed the author has used the same term to describe this incident:

Retrieved tweets from the account also show similar threats were sent to Lady Gaga and Barack Obama.

Other images from the same troller: