“It’s kind of rude,” Carolyn Michnoff of Dallas says of the graffiti applied to the town of Romney’s sign off a Texan Interstate.

Even in a place called Romney, President Barack Obama apparently has some fans.
The unincorporated town in Eastland County that shares its name with the Republican presidential nominee has seen its highway sign painted over with the Democratic incumbent’s name.

“It’s kind of rude, I thought,” said Carolyn Michnoff of Dallas, who saw the sign off Interstate 20 between Abilene and Weatherford on her way to property that her family owns in Junction.

The unincorporated “town” is a few houses, and not much more, along U.S. 183, a two-lane highway, in Eastland County. There’s no post office, no chamber of commerce, no city hall. “If you blink, you’d miss it,” Michnoff said.