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Duke Rape Accuser got 5,233% more coverage on false accusation than murder conviction

Crystal Mangum, the stripper who incited a national scandal in 2006 when she falsely accused Duke University lacrosse players of rape has been found guilty of second-degree murder in the stabbing death of her boyfriend, Reginald Daye.

Mangum claimed that she fatally stabbed her boyfriend in self-defense after he threw knives at her, but in interviews before he died, he said that she stabbed him several times, the Raleigh News & Observer reported. The LA Times reports that the jury concluded that photographic and blood evidence didn’t match up with Mangum’s story. Mangum’s criminal history leading to this point became part of the trial:

Prosecutors in the murder case pointed to another incident, in 2010, when Mangum was found guilty of contributing to the abuse of minors in an episode where she trashed Daye’s car and set fire to his clothes.

The jury was unable to reach a verdict on a more serious arson charge, and she was sentenced to time served.

Her relationship with Daye appears to have been trouble from day one. When Daye’s nephew called 911 the day he was stabbed, the man immediately referred to her notoriety.

“It’s Crystal Mangum. THE Crystal Mangum,” he told the emergency operator. “I told him she was trouble from the damn beginning.”

Daye died in the hospital 10 days later.

Revisiting the Duke scandal:

“You have all been told some fantastic lies, and I look forward to watching them unravel in the weeks to come, as they already have in weeks past…. The truth will come out,” lacrosse player David Evans said after he was indicted.

The case did slowly fall apart as DNA evidence failed to tie Mangum to any of the 46 white players on the team. She eventually recanted her statement and said she was not sure she had been raped, although she insisted some sort of sexual assault had taken place.

In court, defense lawyers revealed that the prosecuting attorney and the lab director had withheld evidence that showed that the DNA on Mangum’s body did not match the defendants, and that it matched other men. The defense claimed that the district attorney who was prosecuting violated police policy by using a photo lineup that showed photos only of lacrosse players and did not mix in other men.

“She was, in effect, given a multiple choice test in which there were no wrong answers,” a defense motion said.

The district attorney withdrew from the case, resigned and was disbarred.

The North Carolina attorney general took over the case, and after a 12-week examination he dropped all charges against the defendants. Evans, who was indicted the day after he graduated from Duke, said the case Mangum brought against him and the other defendants had taken them “to hell and back.”

The intense and extensive coverage of the false story vs the whispers on the conviction highlights a bias in media attention and news reporting:

The story was explosive and politically correct: privileged white lacrosse players at a prestigious college rape underprivileged young black woman. As events developed, three lacrosse players were eventually arrested and charged; the Duke lacrosse coach, Mike Pressler, received threatening phone calls and was forced by Duke to resign; the president of Duke University, Richard Brodhead, suspended the entire lacrosse team for the season; liberal Duke faculty members, the “Group of 88,” signed an advertisement in the Duke Chronicle that reportedly  suggested the rape claims were true; the initial prosecutor, Mike Nifong, was disbarred for his misconduct and convicted of criminal contempt; all charges against the 3 players – Reade Seligmann, Collin Finnerty, and David Evans – were dropped.

Although the rape claims by Mangum were totally false, she was not charged with a crime.

The lacrosse players Finnerty and Seligmann were arrested on Apr. 18, 2006, and charged with rape and kidnapping. In the five days following, Apr. 18 – 22, a Nexis news search of the terms Duke, rape, and lacrosse in “All English Language News,” shows there were 673 news stories, 160 of which were from major television news outlets (and six that were on NPR).

Those 160 major television news outlets included ABC’s World News Tonight, Nightline, Good Morning America, the CBS Evening News, the Today show, NBC Nightly News, CNN Live, Fox News, MSNBC’s Scarborough Country and Countdown, and myriad other TV news programs.

The coverage of accusations surrounding Mangum dropped 5,233%:

The big television networks – ABC, CBS, and NBC – and the liberal MSNBC and NPR did not report on Mangum’s murder conviction.

The difference in coverage is noteworthy:  160 stories vs. 3 stories in the first five days of each event. That’s a ratio of 53 to 1, and a difference in coverage of 5,233%.

The television news industry (and NPR) gave 5,233% more coverage to the dubious allegations against the three lacrosse players — which were proven to be completely false and politically charged — than they gave the jury-tried murder conviction of Crystal Mangum, the false accuser.

Unarmed 22 year old homeless man calls cop a “bitch”, executed immediately

Santa Ana Police Department noted that the man, a convicted burglar, was “combative” when he reportedly got into altercations with various people in a McDonald’s parking lot.

The witness, who wished to remain unidentified, was standing in the parking lot of the Harbor Place Shopping Center on South Harbor Boulevard around 3 p.m. Tuesday when he said he filmed a confrontation in front of Jugo’s La Tropicana between an officer, later identified as a 13-year veteran, and victim Hans Kevin Arellano.

“She exited her patrol car, gun drawn, and asked the gentlemen to get on the ground. The gentlemen didn’t get on the ground, he was still inside the restaurant. She asked again. The man then exited the restaurant, and as he was exiting the restaurant, he said, ‘What are you gonna do, b—-?’ About a second later, she shot him in the chest,” he said.

Pictures of the police officer or the man who was fatally shot have not been released so in the mean time we have this random clipart via Google Images:

Stay tuned for more details as they arrive.


20 year old admits to killing girlfriend

Pictures from the victims Facebook:

VIDEO: George Zimmerman walks police through his claims from deadly confrontation with Trayvon Martin

Below is a Sanford police video from February 27th, 2012 in which George Zimmerman voluntarily reenacted the events of the previous night. Zimmerman’s story has been consistent since the night the shooting happened. The video is 15 minutes long, though a longer version is available here.

Video shows deadly standoff with a man who took a 2 year old hostage from parents shopping cart

Released surveillance video from an Oklahoma Walmart shows a man’s final minutes of life before police took him out after he took a 2-year-old girl from a mother’s shopping cart and held a knife to the child’s throat. The toddler was uninjured in the incident and returned to her mother, who was waiting for her at the front of the store.

“He had a weapon in his hand. A knife-type weapon holding up against the child, threatening the child’s life,” Midwest City Assistant Police Chief Sid Porter said.

Police say Wallace was uncooperative and the situation quickly deteriorated, with the suspect making odd demands. The tipping point came when Wallace started an ominous 60-second countdown with the knife still close to the toddler’s neck.

“When a subject starts telling you that in 60 seconds he’s going to kill a hostage, that’s going to move you right up to the point that you will shoot him and that’s what occurred in this case,” ABC News consultant and former FBI agent Brad Garrett said.
With the situation growing intense, an officer distracted Wallace as Capt. David Huff moved in and fired a single deadly shot at his head.

“Obviously, our goal was to talk him down to get him to release the child,” Midwest City Police Chief Brandon Clabes said. “Unfortunately, we weren’t successful but we were successful in saving this child and the fact is that Capt. Huff’s actions were extremely heroic and he waited till the very last moment.”

VIDEO: Man found guilty commits suicide in courtroom

Convicted of statutory sodomy, death sounded like a better alternative…

Steve Parsons was standing trial last week charged with the sexual assault of a 14-year-old girl. When the jury came back with a guilty verdict, authorities say White made a shocking decision with a room full of witnesses.

After a three-day trial and less than six hours of deliberations– 48-year-old Steve Parsons sat in front of a jury of his peers and was found not guilty of forcible sodomy, but guilty of statutory sodomy.

“As the judge was polling the jury, Mr. Parson’s stood up, walked to where I was seated and looked at me and said, ‘I’m going to throw up,’” said Nodaway County Sheriff Darren White, who was seated in the courtroom just feet from Parsons.

“He picked up a drink, took a very small drink out of this cup and then returned to his seat,” White explained.

White says the well-known business owner looked a little off.

In June of 2012, an Arizona man also committed suicide by poison in the courtroom after finding out he was found guilty.

Marin, 53, had fashioned a larger-than-life persona. Tall and distinguished, he had a law degree from Yale University and had scaled Mount Everest. He flew planes and wrote books. He owned a mansion full of fine art in the ritzy Biltmore Estates neighborhood of Phoenix. He had amassed a small fortune — and lost it.

His mansion caught fire in July 2009. Marin said he barely escaped by climbing down a rope ladder from the second floor while wearing a scuba tank and diving mask to protect him from smoke inhalation.

But inside, arson investigators found boxes of flammable debris laid end-to-end through the house from the four ignition points, as if to feed the blaze. Marin was charged with arson of an occupied structure.

“Michael Marin couldn’t pay his mortgage, so he burned down his house,” Deputy Maricopa County Attorney Chris Rapp said in opening statements of the trial on May 21.

Rapp laid bare Marin’s dire financial straits. In the year before the fire, his bank account shrank from $900,000 to just $50. He had a monthly mortgage of $17,250 on the mansion with a balloon payment of $2.3million coming due. In addition, Marin paid another $2,500 per month on a more modest home in Gilbert — where Rapp said he actually lived — and had an overdue tax bill of more than $34,000.

Marin tried to set up a raffle to pay off the loan, but it was deemed illegal by law enforcement and shut down. Then the house burned.

On Thursday, the jury reached a verdict, and Marin and his attorneys were summoned to the courtroom of Judge Bruce Cohen for a 12:30 p.m. hearing.

Read more about the case and surrounding circumstances of the death @ AZ Central.

A bloody murder caught on Google Maps? Not so fast…

Does this image on Google Maps image show a murderer dumping a body? This location in the city of Almere, Holland appears to show the bloody trail of a body being drug to the end of a pier.

Analysis suggests that no…all signs say it’s just 2 people with their pet that went for a swim in the water.

The “blood” isn’t blood at all, but rather the discoloration illusion the wood pier takes on when wet.

Zooming out further on Google Earth also reveals other people nearby, while zooming further in shows the trail of the discoloration consistent with a dog walking in and out of the water, then too and from its owner where as if the trail was the leaking blood from a body about to be dumped, the travel pattern would make no sense. Sorry to ruin this one for the internet, but… it’s a dog, not a Dead.

Killer tells family of his victims that the hand he used to murder now masturbates to their memory

T.J. Lane, 18, killed three classmates at Ohio’s Chardon High School in February 2012. He received three life sentences after he pleaded guilty. So he’s gonna get put down like the waste of skin he is, right? Minors are not eligible for the death penalty in Ohio, whether they are convicted as juveniles or adults. Lane walked into court and removed a button-down shirt to reveal a white T-shirt with the word scrawled in pen and announced: “The hand that pulled the trigger that killed your sons now masturbates to their memory. F–k all of you,” Lane said, flipping his middle finger toward victims’ families.

Man uses iPhone to record confrontation with ex mother-in-law because he “knew something stupid was gonna happen”; Gets shot multiple times

Florida man shot point-blank by his mother-in-law thinks wife is involved.

The South Florida man shot point-blank by his mother-in-law during a prescheduled pickup of his son believes his wife knew about the shooting, and he has filed a lawsuit against her family.

Sixty-six-year-old Cheryl Hepner could face 30 years in prison for allegedly shooting her son-in-law, Sal Miglino, last December outside her home in a Florida retirement community.

During a prearranged pickup of her 3-year-old grandson on Dec. 7, Hepner waited outside her home with the child’s sleepover gear. When Miglino, the father’s child, arrived, she pulled a .22 caliber Beretta handgun from behind the bundle of gear and fired three shots, hitting Miglino twice, according to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office.

Not present at the shooting was Miglino’s estranged wife, Vicki Miglino, also the child’s mother, and Hepner’s daughter.

Police Kick, Beat & Taser Man Suffering From Diabetic Shock

A driver in diabetic shock was kicked in the head several times in a shocking display of police brutality that won him $158,000 in a lawsuit.

Adam Greene, of Las Vegas, was pulled over at about 4am on October 29, 2010 after a Nevada State Trooper spotted him weaving in traffic.

Mr Greene claimed he was driving that way because he had fallen into diabetic shock.

Read more