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Is Your Kitchen Making You Sick?
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Proper refridgerator cleaning is important as this article notes with tips such as: Don’t pack the fridge, beware of raw vegetables, invest in a cheese box, don’t follow your nose and Never put meat on the top shelf.

‘One of the major causes of food poisoning is cross contamination,’ says Prof Humphrey.

‘An example of this would be raw chicken, which is contaminated with the potentially fatal campylobacter bacteria, being placed on a fridge shelf above some salad.
‘The meat drips on to the salad and while the chicken is later cooked thoroughly, which kills off the bacteria, the campylobacter-contaminated salad is eaten raw.
‘Even if salad is contained in a drawer below, the drips from meat can still get through the nooks and crannies of the shelves.’

Campylobacter is one of the main causes of food poisoning in the UK, accounting for 30 per cent of all cases. Symptoms include abdominal cramps, fever and diarrhoea.
Around 320,000 cases were reported in 2008; 76 people died. A 2009 Food Standards Agency survey found 65 per cent of raw chicken was contaminated with the bacteria.
Even wrapped chicken may not be free of contamination either — so keep it in a separate box.

A trading standards survey carried out in Birmingham in 2010 found 40 per cent of the exterior of chicken packaging in supermarkets was contaminated with campylobacter contaminated with the bacteria.

‘The golden rules of fridge hygiene are that raw meat must always be stored at the bottom of the fridge,’ advises Prof Humphrey.

‘You must also keep food that is to be eaten raw separate from processed, home-cooked or raw meat. Fish is generally clean from bacteria, but it does spoil quickly.’