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Adam Carolla on “paying your fair share”

“Let’s really examine this,” Carolla told Sean. “If 10 people all go out to dinner together and the bill came and it was $500 and we decided to split it up 10 ways, then your share is $50. Unless you had 26 Heineken’s that I don’t know about, your fair share with the other 9 strangers your sitting with, considering you’ve all ordered the same thing off of the same menu is $50! I paid the equivalent of $450 in taxes last year! And I’ve got the 2 guys who paid nothing pointing at me and telling me to pay my fair share?! You’ve got to be kidding me,” Carolla exclaimed. 

Adam also discussed his new book, “Rich Man Poor Man” in which he exposes the phenomena that are embraced by the really rich and the really poor – but never the middle class – like having an outdoor shower, wearing your pajamas all day, or always having your dog with you. Carolla’s new book is a hilariously accurate look at what the people born with silver spoons in their mouths have in common with the people whose only utensils are plastic sporks stolen from a Shakey’s.

Occupy Sacramento Protestors get angry when asked to explain why they’re protesting

“I‘ve heard it’s anti-capitalist; I’m a socialist, I’m a Marxist communist” a protestor said to a CBS reporter out looking to find out exactly what the Occupy protests were all about in a downtown Sacramento park. Others struggled to find an answer to the question asked by CBS and some became angry, swatting away the news reporters camera. Another attender of the event said they were gathered there to figure out why they were protesting.


The Sacramento Press asked the same question with the same results:

One of the common questions raised by those observing the occupation has been what the activists’ objective is – and that’s a question the activists themselves are pondering.

“The general consensus here – and I know it’s incredibly broad and vague – is change,” Bondi said. “Even in the Wall Street protests, over a week or two, there was no definitive list of demands.”

Bondi described Occupy Sacramento as a democracy where no one person is a leader, and objectives are being worked out.

“We’re trying to get more organized at this point,” he said. “I just hope people stick with us.”

Pettit said police will continue to enforce the city’s listed park hours and “no camping” ordinance.

“We are anticipating to stay there and do the same thing again,” he said. “We’ll see if the same people want to be arrested. It’s up to them. Our primary concern is keeping the peace.”

The full video of the CBS reporter’s confrontation with Occupy Sacramento is here at KOVR-TV.

You can see CNN having a similarly difficult time figuring out what the Occupy protestors want below: