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George Hamilton Not Afraid of Skin Cancer

FOX411: You’re famous for your bronzed skin. Do you ever worry about skin cancer?

Hamilton: It’s my personal opinion and I’m not espousing it to anybody else, I think your immune system and how healthy you are determines how you react to any excess of any kind. I’ve been in the sun most of my life. I’ve gone to skin doctors and they’ll say to you, ‘We should remove this because it’s pre-cancerous,’ and I’ll say, ‘Explain pre-cancerous to me.’ I’ll listen for about twenty minutes and I’ll say excuse me, ‘Is pre-cancerous like pre-dead? So you’re saying it could turn into cancer but it’s not cancer?’

Then they say that it’s a good idea to wear SPF and then they find out the SPF is toxic. Then they tell you people lack vitamin D. Now the theory is everyone should have some sun everyday but not long hours of it like we did in the 60’s. So I kind of have to take all of this with a grain of salt. I’m not saying it’s safe to go sit out in the sun all day but I don’t believe that sun is bad for you.

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Summer Skin Problems

Dermatologist, Dr. Marina Peredo, shares some of her favorite products, and offers tips for dealing with common skin problems this summer.