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Troll convinces Internet & News Outlets that she is a One Direction fan who killed her dog because band didn’t follow her on Twitter

This image of unknown origin appeared online and was picked up by a variety of news outlets reporting on what appears to be the carrying out of a threat during an attempt at seeking attention from the British pop band and/or the girls twitter followers:

The @illumivato account has since been suspended.

The girl’s real name and location have not been revealed. One Direction has not commented on the story, which went viral in the past 24 hours. Indeed there is no evidence at this point that this was anything but an attention grab with the use of dark humor.

UPDATE: The incident has been confirmed to have been a joke. While news outlets are updating their reports calling it a “hoax”, evidence instead supports that the tweets were not intended to be anything other than examples of “trolling” (doing something shocking, unserious by the author, with the intent that others will take it seriously and react emotionally) and indeed the author has used the same term to describe this incident:

Retrieved tweets from the account also show similar threats were sent to Lady Gaga and Barack Obama.

Other images from the same troller:

NY Times Columnist Charles Blow Apologizes for anti-Mormon “magic underwear” tweet

Muddle Mouth Mitt?

Mashable reports on Rainn Wilson Tweet Payola. Doesn’t understand that it was a joke

The joke was obvious to most but not Mashable.com writer Charlie White who headlined a post “Rainn Wilson Caught in $12K Tweet For Pay? [VIRAL EMBARRASSMENT]. “

Does actor and comedian Rainn Wilson really love fast food eatery Del Taco? Take a look at this trio of tweets Wilson sent, and tell us if you think he really does believe that the Del Taco Macho Bellgrande Burrito is actually as “Beeftacular™” as he tweets.

Just before Wilson, a star of TV series The Officetweeted his endorsement of the oversized folded-up meat pies, he instructed his assistant to tell the company he would accept $12,000 for what appears to be a paid plug on Twitter.

Apparently realizing he confused a direct message with a tweet, 4 minutes later he tweets, “Please disregard last tweet – was a private text to my assistant.”

Private, indeed. Present company excluded, maybe the old adage “believe nothing of what you read and only half of what you see” would be applicable in this case. What do you think? Did Wilson make a huge mistake, or is this a publicity stunt for Del Taco?

White clearly missed the gag, but if you visit the page now, you’ll find the headline has been changed to “Rain Wilson Satirizes Paid Tweets”.

The error was revised a few hours after posting and the top of the post now contains a notation of the correction, saying:

Editor’s Note: Our original headline suggested Rainn Wilson may have accepted money for a tweet. That is not the case. The series of tweets were intended as satire. We apologize for the error.

Further, the url of the post was changed from:


The posts author responded to a comment pointing out that Wilson was joking, while others voiced uncertainty:



Rep Weiner wrapped in Twitter Pic Scandal dubbed “Weinergate”

The Democrat Congressman from New York blames an account hacking for a provocative picture being sent on Twitter:

Rep. Anthony Weiner says social networking identity hacking is to blame for the lewd material that a conservative news website reported was sent from his Twitter and yfrog handles to an unidentified woman in Seattle.

The New York Democrat told POLITICO he thought it “obvious” that his account had been taken over, and he tweeted that his Facebook account had been hacked with the abbreviation “FB hacked.”

A recreation of the Twitter timeline:

@RepWeiner @(name redacted) http://yfrog.com/h25m3luj 13 hours, 59 minutes ago reply
Killng me!! RT @kknapp1: @RepWeiner that is a tragedy! #EpicGame
13 hours, 54 minutes ago reply
@RepWeiner my tivo ate the hockey game! #WhoCanISue?
13 hours, 55 minutes ago reply
@RepWeiner @kknapp1 just kill me now.
13 hours, 52 minutes ago reply
Tivo eats the hockey game and Versus taunts me with endless postgame. #IsThisHell?
13 hours ago reply
Followers of my lame hockey tweets recall i picked tb and nashville. #NotSoBrilliant
12 hours, 50 minutes ago reply
Tivo shot. FB hacked. Is my blender gonna attack me next? #TheToasterIsVeryLoyal
12 hours, 36 minutes ago reply

Rep. Weiner claims that his Facebook account was hacked. We were unable, at this late hour, to reach anyone at Congressman Weiner’s offices for comment.

Why won’t Weiner call for an official investigation of his alleged hacking?

I don’t agree much with Rep. Weiner politically, but he’s a congressman and this is a serious crime he’s alleging. Not to mention that identity theft can happen to any of us at any time. Therefore, Rep. Weiner must call for an official investigation. He owes it to himself, to all other victims of cybercrime, and to his fellow members of Congress who might also be at risk. Defrauding someone’s online accounts in order to embarrass and defame them is unconscionable. The culprit must be brought to justice.

And if Rep. Weiner doesn’t want an investigation, somebody should ask him why not.

More info here.

P.S. His Twitter account is @RepWeiner. I have expressed my support and asked when he’s announcing an investigation to prevent this hacker from striking again. Stay tuned.

P.P.S. @RepWeiner is a verified Twitter account. Usually when a verified account is hacked, Twitter shuts it down while they investigate. But it’s still there.

P.P.P.S. Has the hacker been found already?

Rep. Weiner Spokesperson Lies To ‘New York Post’

An analysis of Rep. Anthony Weiner’s Twitter timeline has already been done here at Big Government that clearly shows Weiner’s Twitter account had been publicly silent for 3 hrs. and 24 mins. prior to the Tweeting of the inappropriate image. Consequently, there was no Tweet about a hockey game “just a few minutes earlier.” Therefore, that statement simply isn’t true.

The New York Post also completely ignores Weiner’s earlier twitter reference to the City of Seattle in a Tweet that remains on his feed. For whatever reason, the Congressman added the hashtag #Thats545InSeattleIThink to a Tweet announcing the time of an upcoming appearance on MSNBC. Reportedly, the young woman the lewd photograph was sent to lives in … Seattle.
Also missing from the NY Post’s story is an explanation for how a hacking of Weiner’s Facebook account could lead to a Yfrog image being posted in his public Twitter feed. But by far, the most glaring hole is the question everyone, including Politico, is asking: Has Rep. Weiner reported this alleged hacking to the authorities?

Weinergate: MSM ignores trifecta of sex, politics, and a rising political star

So ask yourself: how does the MSM justify all but ignoring something so juicy? And then if you’re still not convinced of the story’s newsworthiness, remind yourself that these events are not unfolding in one of those odd, square-shaped states our journalist-class fly over every once in a while. This is a New York story that involves the trifecta of politics, sex, and a rising political star. Furthermore, the icing on the cake is Bill and Hillary Clinton. Last July, in a ceremony officiated by former President Clinton himself, Rep. Weiner married Hillary’s top aide, Huma Abedin.

Now, please don’t bother to answer any of the above questions. They were rhetorical and answered by the “D” after Rep. Weiner’s name. Naturally, the hacking of a Facebook account connected to one of the best known and most outspoken Democrats in Congress is a bonafide story … unless you’re afraid of where that story might lead. And if you’re interested in what a WeinerGate story looks like when a news outlet is terrified afraid of where it might lead, read this.

And while you’re reading that and wondering where all the coverage is, here’s a refresher course in Congressional sex scandals that did manage to dominate the news over the past few years. No doubt you’ll find a few of these names familiar: Larry Craig, David Vitter, John Ensign, Chris Lee, and Mark Foley. To answer your question… Yes, they’re all Republicans.