In Ohio, Mason High School gym teacher Stacy Schuler, 32, is accused of having “sexual contact” with five of her pupils between last August and December.

Schuler has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to holding drink and drug fuelled orgies at her home.

The 33-year-old is accused of having threesomes and indulging in sex with one student on her kitchen counter and in the shower. …

Charlie Rittgers, Schuler’s lawyer, said prosecutors wanted Schuler to be seen as someone with an ‘insatiable appetite for sex, drugs and alcohol who wanted to be passed around’.

One of the students told the court he had sex with Schuler on five occasions.
Another student said the teacher made vodka smoothies and they smoked marijuana before she had sex with both the 18 year olds.

The boy, now aged 19 and studying at Ohio State University, told how Schuler gave him a massage and then made a pass at him which led to sex.

New tests: Stacy Schuler will now be evaluated by psychologists or psychiatrists after her ple change

He told the court: ‘She looked at me and said, “anything you want to do, whatever”. I just kind of looked at her like what?’
The student said after he and his friend had sex with Schuler they all went outside naked to smoke a cigarette.

Schuler faces up to ten years in jail if convicted of all the offences.

UPDATE: Schuler was sentenced to 4 years in prison: