For being such a relaxing place, the beach is wildly dangerous.

You can be attacked by sharks.

You can be swallowed by a tsunami.

You can die of exasperation trying to find a parking spot in Santa Monica.

you need a damn Ph.D to fully understand the parking restrictions

Compared to an inland form of relaxation, the park–the beach is a war zone.

But it’s the unexpected that’s most terrifying.

One man is dead and a dozen are injured after being stricken by lightning…


…on Venice Beach.

also known as “lightning alley”

Of all the pitfalls you can experience of a visit to Venice Beach in the middle of summer, being struck and killed by lightning is somewhere between “being strangled by a man with health insurance and a 401k” and “getting a serious papercut on a moving pallet of ‘JUST SAY NO’” posters.

Of course, everyone panicked and trampled each other, so like the running of the bulls at Pamplona, it may not have been the horn but the crowd that killed him and injured the rest.

note the random passersby taking photos.  welcome to LA

All I know is there were likely some people walking out of the “FREE 420 MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS” clinic who thought they were having the worst trip of their lives. Further damage included a random house in Redondo Beach, a few miles away:

you know, if that happened to my house, i’d just keep it that way.  great story for the grandkids

now the neighbor will have to scorch his nearly-identical BMW 645ci convertible to keep up with the joneses

This was not the only surprise beach-related danger that happened today.

One man is dead and others are injured after being stricken by a crash-landing plane…


…in Venice, Florida.

for a second, this man looks like the most badass pilot since that guy who landed his plane on the hudson

How the heck can someone standing on a beach get hit by a plane? If someone in one of Venice’s canals was hit by a meteorite, the trifecta of tragedy today would be complete.