If you live in one of the hipsterer parts of LA (Echo Park, Eagle Rock, Silverlake, Hollywood on a good day) you’ve noticed these mysterious, suicidal? teddy bears hanging from telephone wires.

you said you’d play with me forever

Like the misplaced toys of some enormously tall child or an MLB pitcher’s offspring, Winnie-the-Pooh lookalike teddy bears with pink facemasks (chic!) are popping up through the neighborhood.

But just who would do this…and frankly…why?

Enter Leyla Safai, food truck queen (yup, that pink HeartsChallenger ice cream truck is hers) and half of HeartsRevolution, a JPop-inspired band.

According to the band’s facebook:

This is what you do when you have too much free time on your hands.

Damn hipsters.

It’s unknown what the project is promoting, but probably something viral (doesn’t that mean HIV is a really aggressive form of viral marketing?)

Share & comment if you’ve seen these. Who knows, they may have cameras and can be silently watching and recording us all (ESPECIALLY our bad car singing…)