A Reddit user posed the question: Who pays for milk advertisements? And why does milk need advertising? Are people forgetting about milk?

User caninehere provides the answer in a colorful way:

These things happen, though, without you even realizing it. At some point, you sat down somewhere as a kid and were given the choice between Coke and Pepsi, and you chose one and there is a good chance it is your favorite. Why do you choose it? Well, because you like one more than the other, probably. But why did you choose it the FIRST time? Because they advertise, and they present their product as an option.

When you go somewhere like a bar and you want a drink, especially when you don’t know what they offer, you have the option of listening to every single friggin’ option or asking for something you know exists. Everybody knows Budweiser exists because of their advertising, and therefore most places serve Bud (in the US anyway, for this example) and you can probably get one.

It’s less about brand loyalty and more about… presenting an option to you that is available and then seeing if you stick with it because it is an EASY option – McDonalds doesn’t sell because it’s the greatest food in the world, it sells because it is easy and you know it exists.

TL;DR: McDonalds is fucking delicious